the physical element

moving and stretching

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

here I try again

I am over the aches and pains in my knees, my ankle and my shoulder. I am determined to work right through the pain (unless it feels like a tearing pain).

Yesterday I went to belly dance class. Alina worked our upper body something fierce. My upper back and upper abs were ready for a vacation by the end of the hour. It was a lot of fun and we figured out one reason why I can't seem to quite get some of the movements: I do not anchor both feet to the ground. There's this favoritism thing going on with my left knee.

Last night was my first weapons class. I dragged Michelle onto the mat with me so that the one of the teens didn't get pulled from what they were doing to work with me. Michelle and I spent an hour on learning 6 count. I do believe I have it. Now to work on doing the 6 count and moving in circles and not getting distracted. That may be difficult for me.

Oh well!

This morning I promised T that I would go for a walk. And my promise has been kept. 2 miles in 38 minutes. Slow slow slow.